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Schedule of Events

TitleCityState/ ProvinceDate Registration
21VCW_F1BVIRTUAL F-1 Student Advising for Beginners  May 12, 2021
21CTW_01Workshop- Advanced Immigration Issues for Academic Medical Institutions  Jun 01, 2021
21CTW_02Workshop- Building a Strategic Sponsored Student Recruitment Plan  Jun 01, 2021
21CTW_03Workshop- Careers in International Education: Guidance for New Professionals  Jun 01, 2021
21CTW_04Workshop- Getting Started With Virtual Exchange  Jun 01, 2021
21CTW_05Workshop- Introduction to Global Operations for International Education Leaders  Jun 01, 2021
21CTW_06Workshop- Leading Racial Justice Through Our Work as International Educators  Jun 01, 2021
21CTW_07Workshop- Budget Modeling, Control Management, and Financial Sustainability in Internationalization  Jun 01, 2021
21CTW_08Workshop- Building a Data Strategy in International Education  Jun 01, 2021
21CTW_09Workshop- Cultivating Inclusive Leadership and Innovation Skills for International Educators  Jun 01, 2021
21CTW_10Workshop- Education Abroad Visa Advising  Jun 01, 2021
21CTW_11Workshop- Global Partnerships: Strategy, Action, and Innovation  Jun 01, 2021
21CTW_12Workshop- Preparing Labor Certification Applications for University Teaching Positions  Jun 01, 2021
21CTW_13Workshop- The Hidden Power of International Alumni Relations  Jun 02, 2021
21CTW_14Workshop- Developing Intercultural Agility and Cultural Responsiveness through Education Abroad  Jun 02, 2021
21CTW_15Workshop- Navigating the Complex Intersections of Admissions and Immigration Advising  Jun 03, 2021
21CTW_16Workshop- Managing International Student and Scholar Services in Times of Global Uncertainty  Jun 03, 2021
21VCW_PDIEVIRTUAL Programming Design for International Educators  Jun 16, 2021
21VCW_EREAVIRTUAL Education Abroad: Critical Skills for the Adviser  Jun 22, 2021
21VCW_SISAVIRTUAL Strategies for International Student and Scholar Adviser  Jun 22, 2021

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