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Global Learning: Defining, Designing, Demonstrating

This joint publication of NAFSA and the Association of American Colleges and Universities provides a definition and rationale for global learning, a term widely used but with differing meanings across higher education. Organized into three sections corresponding to three important and closely related steps that campus leaders are taking across the country and around the world, it discusses defining global learning, designing educational experiences, and demonstrating that those experiences actually help students achieve global learning outcomes while simultaneously creating projects and assignments that allow students to demonstrate competencies, i.e., that they can apply the knowledge, skills, and perspectives that signify their development as global learners.

These steps constitute an approach that might be described as 3-D Global Learning, a reference not only to the three Ds described but also to the multidimensional maps colleges and universities are creating to guide their global learning efforts.

Kevin Hovland
January 01, 2014
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