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Research Symposium Series, Volume 3

A compilation of original, innovative research in international education developed from recent NAFSA Research Symposium events as a resource for scholars and practitioners.

Table of Contents

  • Editorial by Shanna Saubert
  • Standards for Measuring Higher Education Internationalization by Nancy Bjorklund
  • Navigating Spaces: Exploring the Impact of Study Abroad Reentry for U.S. Students of Color by Virginia Downing
  • Exploring the Relationship Between International Undergraduate Student Enrollment and Net Tuition Revenue at U.S. Colleges and Universities by Olga Komissarova
  • International Alumni Affairs and Student Mentorship: Surveying the American Public Research University Landscape by Lisa Unangst
  • Analysis of the Intercultural Competence of International Enrollment Professionals in the United States by Karen A. Ramos
  • Diversifying Global Education Through Cocurricular Global Experiences by Niklaus Steiner
  • Bringing MENA Out of the Box: Study Abroad to the Middle East and North Africa by Jodi Sanger
  • Undergraduate Students’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs in Study Abroad Programs: Validating the Self-Efficacy in Study Abroad Scale by Lily D. Lopez-McGee
  • The International Student Experience and Engagement Model: A Framework for Best Practices and Support Founded Through Grounded Theory by May Lee Moua-Vue and James W. Koschoreck
  • To download Research Symposium Series, Volume 2, please see here.

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    May 24, 2019
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