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Advising International Students with Disabilities

This digital download is essential for ensuring that international students with disabilities have successful experiences planning for their arrival in the United States and integrating into campus life. Featuring a variety of checklists, practice scenarios, and expert knowledge, it synthesizes actionable information on common accommodations with insights on cultural competency. Topics include visible and invisible disabilities, academic and facilities accommodations, on-campus collaborations, service animals, and insurance.

About the Publication
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About the Author
Cory Owen is the associate dean of student development at the Juilliard School, where she oversees visa compliance for the international community while supporting the campus through diversity and inclusion work and student development. Owen also serves as a deputy Title IX coordinator for the school. Beyond her work at Juilliard, she has served NAFSA in numerous capacities on both the regional and national levels and wrote two chapters in the edited volume Addressing Mental Health Issues Affecting International Students (2019). Owen has received Fulbright International Educator Administrators grants to Germany in 2012 and Korea in 2017. She earned a doctorate of education from the University of Houston, where her dissertation focused on how the “model minority myth” impacts anxiety and stress levels for Asian and Asian American students.

“This publication is profoundly relevant and insightful, and one that every international educator should have as a resource. It is expansive in its instructive breadth and has practical applications for advisers to help international students with disabilities feel supported and empowered.”—Samuel D. Brown, director of international student and scholar services, Brigham Young University

“Timely. Informative. Thorough. These words describe Advising International Students with Disabilities….This book offers all colleges, universities, and international offices a much-needed and accurate resource that is a critical read.”—Adria L. Baker, associate vice provost for international education, Rice University
Cory Owen
May 04, 2020
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