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Managing a Successful International Admissions Office

Developed to assist international enrollment management (IEM) professionals in working with international applicants, Managing a Successful International Admissions Office: NAFSA's Guide to International Admissions provides an overview of issues related to international admissions. It covers international undergraduate and graduate admissions issues, as well as special topics such as conditional admission, bridge and pathway programs, agents, and more.

About the Editor
David L. Di Maria is the inaugural associate vice provost for international education at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. As a scholar practitioner, he regularly presents, publishes, and consults on best practices pertaining to international education administration.

"Finally, a treatise on international admissions that brings the field into the twenty-first century! DiMaria brings together 14 leaders in the field in this “must have” compendium for not only international admissions professionals, but also those engaging with them. In addition to the “meat and potatoes” I might have expected, such as secondary school transfers and credential evaluation, I was delighted to find topics like engaging intensive English, bridge and pathway programs in recruitment, working with agencies, and establishing an overseas international admissions office. Congratulations to DiMaria on this cutting-edge work. Bravo!"—Donald Back, PhD, director, Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute, affiliated faculty member and senior fellow, Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance

"Managing a Successful International Admissions Office: NAFSA’s Guide to International Admissions offers a superb comprehensive inventory of the requisite components of a successful international admissions strategy and implementation plan. Di Maria’s edited volume is a must-read for the community of senior international officers." —William I. Brustein, PhD, vice president for global strategies and international affairs + Eberly Family Distinguished Professor of History, West Virginia University

"I don’t know of another single resource that covers the landscape surrounding international admissions so comprehensively. This resource covers the many different pieces that need to be thought through in both carrying out the work of international admissions and also in advocating for it. This comprehensive resource provides useful nuts and bolts information and examples, covers crucial discussions about situating international admissions operations in different organizations, and connects the work of international admissions to the changing external environment. As I was reading this book, I immediately thought of how useful this resource will be for colleagues I know in new roles within international enrollment management or newly charged with designing an international admissions office. The guide provides important framing and understanding that it took many of us in the field years to acquire." —Julie Sinclair, PhD, associate director, Office of International Studies in Education, College of Education, Michigan State University

"DiMaria and the contributors to this book have done the field a great service. Every aspect of international admissions is addressed here, with advice and guidance for identifying and meeting goals at every step of the process. Today, more than ever, it is important to have an international admissions plan and the right team to execute it. I recommend this book to anyone in international recruitment or admissions, but especially to those who are new to the field. Keep this book on your desk for easy access!" —Meredith McQuaid, associate vice president and dean, Global Programs and Strategy Alliance, University of Minnesota

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David L. Di Maria, Editor
March 01, 2017

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