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Crisis Management in a Cross-Cultural Setting

When a crisis hits, we often ask a series of questions: "What?" "Who?" "Where?" "When?" "How?" and then, "What now?" International educators know that responses to these questions may differ from culture to culture. Indeed, the very definition of what is and isn't a 'crisis' may depend upon its cultural context.

A compendium of experience and expertise from many professionals in the field of international educational exchange, Crisis Management in a Cross-Cultural Setting is an essential sourcebook, designed to prepare international educators and others to respond appropriately, expeditiously, and comprehensively to crises that befall students and scholars living and learning a long way from where they call 'home.' Its thesis is simple: advance planning and cross-cultural sensitivity can make all the difference.

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Edited by Patricia A. Burak and William W. Hoffa
January 01, 2001
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