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NAFSA International Education Professional Competencies

— Essential Competencies for Success in the International Education Profession

NAFSA International Education Professional Competencies is the most comprehensive taxonomy of the necessary competencies for success in all aspects of international education, from adviser to manager to policymaker.

More than a simple listing of the competencies needed for success, international educators and campus policymakers now have a new tool to:

  • plan professional and career development;
  • park collaborative conversations among practitioners;
  • use as a framework for developing effective job descriptions and enhancing staff recruitment; and
  • augment discussions between international educators and other campus administrators.

The International Education Professional Competencies are organized into key professional practice areas—Comprehensive Internationalization, Education Abroad, International Enrollment Management, International Student and Scholar Services—as well as Cross-Cutting Competencies, which describe the shared skills and knowledge needed across all international education domains. In addition, the competency statements are organized to reflect three main functions:

  • Direct Service: Provide service directly to students and scholars engaged in study abroad to and from the United States.
  • Management: Oversee the operation of a unit related to international education.
  • Strategy and policy: Establish, update, and approve the policies and strategy for achieving the goals and mission of international education within the institution.

NAFSA International Education Professional Competencies— Defining Professional Competencies to Ensure Success in the Field of International Education

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January 01, 2015
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