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Addressing Mental Health Issues Affecting Intl Students Book

As universities work to recruit and retain international students, there is a growing need to develop methods and resources that address the unique mental health concerns of international communities. This important publication features helpful resources and practical, action-oriented checklists for international student advisers on topics including peer mentoring programs, insurance for mental health services, and advice for handling day-to-day stressors.


Careers in International Education: New Professionals

This book is a practical guide to planning the first 5 to 7 years of a career in international education.


Crisis Management for Education Abroad

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$35.99 - $47.99

Crisis Management in a Cross-Cultural Setting

A compendium of experience and expertise from many professionals in the field of international educational exchange, and designed to prepare international educators and others to respond appropriately, expeditiously, and comprehensively to student crises.

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Crisis Management in a Cross-Cultural Setting

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Curriculum Integration of Education Abroad

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English Language Testing in U.S. Colleges, 2nd Edition

Fully revised and updated, the book tackles the vital issues involved in English language testing. Computer-based and other alternative testing methods, ethical considerations, and the challenges of assessing test validity are among the topics covered.


Facilitating Education Abroad: Blueprints for Successful Adv

Facilitating Education Abroad, the latest edition of the digital download By Example, is an asset for education abroad advisers seeking to expand their programs and advising services. Covering topics such as marketing and outreach, managing student records, and linking international experiences to career development, this publication features more than 60 exemplary forms, websites, and documents from a diverse range of colleges and universities that can spark inspiration at any institution.


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