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A Guide to Educational Systems Around the World (CD)-Revised

Available as a PDF document on CD, this revised publication compiles updated and new information on the educational systems of more than 185 countries, covering secondary and higher education.


Cooperating with a University in the U.S., Rev Ed

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$11.00 - $17.59

Crisis Management in a Cross-Cultural Setting

A compendium of experience and expertise from many professionals in the field of international educational exchange, and designed to prepare international educators and others to respond appropriately, expeditiously, and comprehensively to student crises.


English Language Testing in U.S. Colleges, 2nd Edition

Fully revised and updated, the book tackles the vital issues involved in English language testing. Computer-based and other alternative testing methods, ethical considerations, and the challenges of assessing test validity are among the topics covered.


Finding Your Way: Navigational Tools

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Guide to Education Abroad, 3rd Edition

On Sale Now at 1/3 Off the Regular Price!

This indispensable guide for education abroad professionals includes extensive chapters on such topics as short-term programs, intercultural learning, underrepresented constituencies, and community colleges have been added. A significant section of three chapters deals with issues specific to overseas program direction.




International Educator Vol 19 Issue 1 Jan/Feb 2010


International Educator Vol.15 No. 2 March April 2006


International Educator Magazine Volume 14 Issue 5 Sept/Oct


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