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My Cultural Awareness Profile© Instrument: Student License

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About the myCAP© Instrument

The myCAP© Instrument is an 18-item online survey tool designed to assess the current level of an individual’s cultural awareness along three dimensions: (1) understanding of cultural and global contexts, (2) integration of global and cultural perspectives in the curriculum, and (3) responsiveness to the influence of culture on teaching and learning. Each time the individual takes this survey, he/she will be provided with a report summarizing his/her current levels of overall cultural and global awareness. This report will also provide recommendations on ways that he/she can improve his/her levels of awareness. This instrument is designed to be used as a part of a course; whether in a traditional university classroom, an in-service professional development program, or an experiential learning experience. All Student Licenses are tied to an “Instructor” of Record for the course.

About the Student License

A Student License provides access to the myCAP© Instrument with the ability to take the online survey a total of four (4) times over the course of the program of study.

The Student License provides the following reports to the holder of the license

  • Individual reports for each survey completed
  • Comparative reports over time

Recommendations for further development of cultural awareness

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