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Community of Local and International Partnerships

This digital download provides considerations and recommendations for establishing effective partnerships for community engagement.

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Cross-Cultural Competencies for Managing Int'l Partners

Every year, thousands of university representatives attend the NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo, the largest international education event of its kind. Much of their time consists of building new partnerships and maintaining long-standing relationships with colleagues from around the world. After the conference ends, navigating and managing successful international partner relations, though, is as much about cross-cultural fluency as it is about logistics and academic coursework.

In this NAFSA e-Learning Seminar, presenters will elaborate on how to effectively use intercultural communication skills for successful partnerships and how to train staff to bring the same perspectives to their communication with partners. Presenters will also discuss best practices for cross-cultural communication.

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Developing Proficiency in Intercultural Communication

Intercultural communication has been identified as a cross-cutting competency within the field of international education. Developing intercultural skills is essential for those who support international students and scholars. Developing Proficiency in Intercultural Communication is a four-part NAFSA e-Learning Express Course series, which provides professionals within the field the opportunity to strengthen their skills and experience in order to become more successful in their work.

Express Courses Included in this Series:

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Educational Mobility Partnerships

This digital download presents an overview of current models of educational mobility partnerships and the benefits and challenges of each.

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Engaging International Alumni as Strategic Partners, Kindle

Experts on international alumni relations describe how higher education institutions can develop international alumni networks—and keep alumni connected to their alma mater by nurturing two-way relationships. Chapters and case studies from institutions and organizations around the world cover how international alumni can contribute to international student recruitment, philanthropic efforts, professional development, community engagement initiatives, and more.

International Partnership Dynamics and Types

This digital download provides an overview of different international partnership dynamics and activity types to help institutions find the right fit for their needs.

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International Research Partnerships

This digital download examines historical and future approaches to international research partnership development and their institutional and global values.

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Introduction to NAFSA's International Partnerships Series

An introduction to NAFSA’s International Partnerships Series: Developing Sustainable Academic Collaborations, which will comprise six digital download installments that delve into the parameters of international partnerships, identifying sound practices for the cultivation of partnerships that foster deep, rich, and sustainable connections internationally.

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NAFSA's Guide to International Partnerships

This book delves into the parameters of international partnerships, identifying sound practices for the cultivation of partnerships that foster deep, rich, and sustainable connections internationally.


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