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2021 Immigration Classifications Poster

Updated in 2021, NAFSA's ever-popular poster Immigration Classifications and Legal Employment in the United States describes each immigrant and nonimmigrant classification and provides at-a-glance information on employment eligibility and study options for each category.


2021 Immigration Classifications Quick Ref Guide-Pack of 10

NAFSA's best-selling Immigration Classifications and Legal Employment in the United States chart is available as a convenient Quick Reference Guide that can fit inside any folder or binder. Each pack includes 10 Quick Reference Guides.


2021 Immigration Classifications Quick Ref Guide-Single Copy

NAFSA's ever-popular Immigration Classifications and Legal Employment in the United States chart is available as a Quick Reference Guide that can fit inside any folder or binder.


Adviser's Manual Additional License(s)

NAFSA Adviser's Manual 360 Principal User License holders can also purchase Additional User Licenses, and assign them to others at their institution or office so they too can access the full Adviser's Manual 360 through their regular NAFSA login.

Are you already a NAFSA Adviser's Manual 360 Principal User License holder, renewing that license, or purchasing a new Principal User License right now? Make sure to add the number of Additional User Licenses you need to your shopping cart, before you finish your transaction! After purchase, you can unassign and reassign your additional licenses through a convenient license management feature in the My Account drop-down menu within the Manual.

Eligibility to purchase Additional User Licenses at the NAFSA member rate is determined by the NAFSA membership status of the Principal License Holder at the time of purchase.


Alcohol and Marijuana Offenses: Potential Impact

International students and scholars might reasonably assume that using marijuana where it's legal in the United States would not impact their immigration status. They might also reasonably presume that simply being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, but not convicted, would not affect their visa eligibility. Reasonable but wrong.

Student and scholar advising is now vastly more complicated due to marijuana legalization and the Department of State's new practice of revoking visas of those arrested for DUI. Well-informed advisers must help students and scholars understand the impact that alcohol and marijuana use or offenses might have on their immigration status and visa eligibility.

Join this live NAFSA e-Learning Seminar to learn from expert presenters, including an immigration attorney and two managers of international student offices.

The presenters will address how the variance of state and federal marijuana laws complicate the issue, and review information advisers can provide to students and scholars concerning the risks of marijuana purchase, use, and transport, even in jurisdictions where it is legal. The presenters will also explain what visa revocation means and explore the implications of DUI-related revocations, including the consular processes involved in future visa applications. The seminar will also provide the legal framework for understanding how criminal offenses, generally, may impact immigration status and visa eligibility.

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Confidentiality Compliance: HIPAA and FERPA for EA

Due to myths and misinformation, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) may create challenges for education abroad professionals.

Understanding the nuances of HIPAA and FERPA will empower those in the field to make timely, informed decisions during crises without violating federal regulations and risking litigation and fines.

Education abroad offices need to have strategic policies in place to minimize campus liability without denying partners crucial information regarding student health and safety. Education abroad professionals must balance their commitment to supporting student needs with the confidentiality required of them by law.

This NAFSA e-Learning Seminar will address prevalent issues related to HIPAA and FERPA, and will provide participants with the tools and information needed to avoid regulatory missteps.

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Curricular Practical Training: Creating Best Practices - Rec

As the U.S. Department of Homeland Security threatens new guidance and scrutiny of curricular practical training (CPT), it is more important than ever that designated school officials understand CPT regulations and how to integrate them with their institution’s curriculum and academic rules. This webinar will provide practical information for creating or revising CPT practices and policies for institutions that have cooperative education programs. In addition, webinar presenters will review best practices for communicating this policy to administrators, faculty, staff, and students.

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Curricular Practical Training: Policies and Practices - Rec

The focus of this webinar, the second in a series, is institutions that authorize curricular practical training (CPT) for activities that are integral to but not required by the curriculum, including alternate work-study, internships, or cooperative education. Discussion topics include: the legal foundations of CPT; institutional policies and practices (including forms); and effective communication of practices with students, faculty, staff, and training providers or employers.

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Developing the Cultural Component of Your EV Program - Rec

Recent discussions emphasizing the importance of cultural activities for exchange visitors have raised questions among Responsible Officers. In this webinar Michael Freeman, Dana Bleau, Esq., and Steve Springer will provide tangible solutions for ensuring the best cultural programming experiences possible by reaching out to intentionally meet the needs of the differen exchange visitor profiles and provide appropriate, compliant programming for each. The presenters will also cover how to keep the records that you will need for your annual report.

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